Pooja Morjaria

Skin Specialist


Pooja Morjaria

Tel No

07466 591219

Pooja is the creator and founder of Skinlab IQ and is passionate about all things related to skin. Pooja began her journey from a pharmacy background and has always had patient care and safety at the core of her consultations. She is a qualified clinical prescriber and has completed her Level 7 Aesthetics Medicines Diploma at the well-renowned Harley Academy.

Pooja specialises in Dermatology and is an expert in skincare ranging from acne and eczema to pigmentation and scarring. As a sufferer of acne herself, Pooja has personal experience of many common skin concerns and treats every patient with empathy and professionalism. 

Every client undergoes a thorough skin consultation using a skin analysis machine, after which Pooja will work together with her clients to tailor make a personalised skin protocol to achieve the optimal outcome. This means that every single consultation and treatment plan is unique and devised to a patient’s own skin type and needs. 

‘As a skincare enthusiast, I’m still learning new facts about the largest organ that covers everybody. The most important thing is that everyone’s skin is different. I pride myself in tailoring treatments to achieve the best results for your skin.


  • Masters in Pharmacy (University of Manchester)
  • Clinical Prescribing Diploma (Hertfordshire University)
  • Aesthetics Medicines Diploma (Harley Academy)
  • Dermatology program (HEE for healthcare professionals)
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