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The Doctor’s Lounge is a Private GP Surgery providing high-quality and personalised healthcare and wellbeing services in a comfortable environment. We focus on prevention as well as cure and rehabilitation for our patients. When it comes to your health, one size does not fit all, so our dynamic approach provides you with the best of the healthcare available.

Whether you have a small/simple medical issue or something more complex, or you just want to discuss your health in a more proactive and preventative way, we have the expertise, experience and the time to spend with you to make a real difference.

We believe in a world in which you have a continuous relationship with your doctor who knows your medical history and can be with you and your family through your life’s medical journey; a relationship that builds over time and provides you with the reassurance and the help you all need.

Now imagine accessing this quickly and having fast access to the best diagnostic tests and specialists when you need them. We love meeting our patients face to face as we believe it enables us to build a relationship and provide the best form of healthcare, but we also provide flexibility with online and telephone consultations for convenience where appropriate.


Dr Nik Chopra (Founder)

MBBS, MRCS, MRCGP, BSc Primary Health Care, PgDip Urol

GP with a Special interest in Men’s & Women’s Health

Nik trained at University College Hospital London followed by further training in Oxford and Sydney Australia where he honed his skills initially as a surgeon moving towards a career as a Urologist looking after Men & Women’s urinary issues with a heavy focus on prostate cancer.

After extensive training in a wide variety of specialties, Nik took a route towards General Practice and thoroughly enjoys continuity with his patients and finding the best possible path for their healthcare.

With 10 years of experience in private practice, Nik has built The Doctor’s Lounge to provide an avenue for patients to obtain the best healthcare possible and allow the doctors to enjoy their careers with the continuity that GPs love to have with their patients.

Outside interests: Nik loves his golf sporting a handicap of 7 and is a club level tennis player

Dr Neha Tanna


GP with a Special interest in Musculoskeletal medicine, Chronic disease, Women’s & Children’s Health

With over 15 years experience and having trained at Imperial College London, Neha has been working as a GP for the past 10 years with a healthy experience in private practice. Neha’s experience sees her working as an advisor to healthcare companies, in HealthTech and Life Sciences. Her incredible listening skills and holistic approach make Neha a perfect addition to the team.

Outside interests: Neha loves tennis, yoga and has a passion for wildlife conservation.

Dr Bhavika Vaghani


GP with a Special interest in Women’s Health, Lifestyle Medicine and Elderly care medicine (over75s)

Bhavika qualified in 2008 from Imperial College London following which she completed her Darzi fellowship and Diploma in Child Health. She has also been an associate clinical lecturer at Brunel University and a Clinical Lead at the Hillingdon Hospital.

Bhavika developed an interest in supporting older adults to develop holistic approaches to their health. She supports her patients to take ownership of their onward journeys, and helps with their emotional, spiritual and medical wellbeing. She has taken a role with Michael Sobell Hospice to look after patients in their palliative care stage.

She practices a “Lifestyle first” approach to many chronic conditions such as diabetes, obesity, high  cholesterol and infertility. She has had some very positive results such as helping patients put their diabetes into remission, lose a considerable amount of weight as well as helped several women to conceive. Bhavika believes that each one of us has the tools to make transformational change, but that sometimes people just need some support and a catalyst. Small, consistent incremental steps

can result in big changes. Outside interests: Bhavika enjoys yoga and mindful practices that help support her own wellbeing as well as experimenting with cooking recipes with wholesome, nutritious plant-based foods.

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