Vasanti Limbani

Medical Herbal and Wellness Practitioner


Vasanti Limbani

Tel No

07973 562 792

From childhood, she has been captivated by the fundamental teachings of all religions and has held a deep fascination for health, as well as stories of individuals overcoming health challenges through natural approaches and healing.

  • 2001: Biological Sciences BSc Hons- her experience includes laboratory testing and experimenting in virology, microbiology, haematology, stem cells, sarcoma, endoprosthesis, as well as clinical research in a hospital environment.
  • 2002: She embarked on a journey into Iyengar/Hatha yoga classes and witnessed profound positive changes in her physical health, finding herself more at ease in her mind and experiencing inner well-being. This transformative experience led her to delve into books on spirituality, self-help, meditation, and natural healing 

More recent interests include; mantras and authentic ancient sounds and frequencies used for healing.

  • 2005 while also exploring other styles of yoga. Continuing her academic pursuits, she completed a Biomedical Science PGC in 2005. 
  • 2013:  Her dedication to the field of health led her to become a Phlebotomist at the Royal Free Hampstead in 2013. 
  • 2015: Building upon her knowledge and passion, she achieved a BSc Hons in Western Herbal Medicine in 2015.
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